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A kinetic chain is an engineering concept used to describe human movement. Starting from a strong base, kinetic energy amplifies as it moves from one body part to the next. Correct technique leverages the full system to perform powerful motions such as a tennis serve or a right hook.

We use this same principle in our work, starting from strong technical fundamentals and a firm understanding of the challenges at hand. Those lead to accurate insights, which we use to inform what and how we create the most effective and efficient product.


Matter Compostables

Beyond Rarity

Doji on the Hill

TD-XL A.I. Art Model

Finding the Underdog


Blockchain Bridge

Ultimate Guide to Gas Optimization




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About Kinetic Chain Labs

Kinetic Chain Labs is a tech and creative development firm founded by 3 partners with 60+ years combined experience in tech, engineering, analytics, branding, design, and UX. We create compelling products for our clients through experience, strategy, creativity, old-fashioned hard work, and will continue doing so until the impending AI revolution has its way with humanity. Let us know what you think about the singularity @