We built a cutting edge bi-directional bridge between 2 Blockchains enabling our client to offer 20x more performance to users than their leading competitor.


Our client was a Web3 blockchain-enabled game, with NFTs functioning as the game pieces, while having value like trading cards. Ethereum, recognized as the leading blockchain for high-value NFT transactions, was the platform of choice. However, every action within the game involving these pieces on the Ethereum blockchain resulted in substantial transaction fees for the user. So a solution was needed to have in-game mechanics occur another blockchain to keep costs down.


We architected and implemented a solution (called bi-directional bridge) that allows users to convert their Ethereum assets (ERC-20, ERC-721) to Polygon. Users can then play on Polygon for roughly 2000x less fees.
The bridge was designed to be extremely secure, allowing safe passage of assets back and forth, while employing numerous checks and balances to ensure every transaction is validated along the way, while keeping each of the smart contracts on both ends accurately tracking every move.
Users are also able to convert their Polygon assets back onto Ethereum so that they can sell and trade their NFTs and ERC-20 tokens at more popular marketplaces such as OpenSea, where Ethereum NFTs have more worth than in Polygon and have a higher congregation of traders.


As a result of our work, Freaks N’ Guilds’ new bi-directional bridge achieved a performance 20x faster than their peers in on-chain NFT RPG Gaming.
Example transactions here and here