After a disastrous hack, our team created an exhaustive security audit to validate the smart contract that powered the mint, providing a code repo of the custom-made comprehensive test suite, open-sourcing the code and sharing the results with the project and their community.


NFT launches have always had a bad reputation for security vulnerabilities, with hacks possible along many different steps. TribeX, a minority-led project known for its impressive art and inspiring message was no exception. An sudden drain on their project’s wallet during the minting process forced them to stop everything and initiate a detailed investigation to pinpoint the security issue.


We engineered a rigorous series of tests, specifically designed to put the minting smart contract under extreme pressure to uncover any vulnerabilities that might be hiding in its framework. Authoring this process required a deep understanding of blockchain and smart contract logic and technology.
We ran our comprehensive test suite against TribeX’s code, verifying each line of the contract, showing that it was secure and not the source of the vulnerability. The results were presented to the public and project creators, and the source code of the test suite itself was made open source so it could be scrutinized as well.
This affirmation allowed the minting process to restart with the assurance that the smart contract was not the culprit behind the security issue.
We even received an honorary custom created NFT, a tribute tailored to mirror the inclusive spirit of our own Wall St Fam collection. This token of appreciation not only celebrated our efforts but also marked our contribution in helping to safeguard the TribeX project.