Think Diffusion is a web app that brings bleeding-edge AI Art tools to creative pros by creating a ready-to-use virtual computer right in your browser in under 90 seconds, eliminating the need to run code, install packages, and deal with errors.


Users love bleeding-edge open source AI Art tools because they are much more powerful than general market products like Midjourney & Dall-E. But pro-level tools need tech skills to install and expensive computer hardware to run.


Our app empowers users to harness the latest in AI image generation tech without any technical knowledge or expensive hardware & graphics systems, and lets them focus on creativity, not IT support.
The powerful architected backend leverages payment processing, account management, and enables multiple virtual machines to run simultaneously in different browsers. Includes a dynamic frontend, databases, many backend services, external app integrations, API servers, multiple environments, CI/CD and more.

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