We created a lightweight server-less browser-based app that helps teams forecast timelines based on their Jira data using statistical analysis to simulate past performance and predict backlog progress.


Project managers and dev teams often must guestimate to create forecasts in the development process, making it difficult to accurately assess progress in the future.


Kaura gives product managers and dev teams immediate insight of key metrics on the health of their development process – all based on the data they already have. Dev teams no longer need to sit in long planning meetings just to guestimate how long items will take or what they can fit in the next sprint. They can easily identify which stages in the process are bottlenecks. Kaura uses statistical analysis to forecast with confidence when an item can get completed, in seconds.
This is a full stack end-to-end application housed in a lightweight app that simply passes your Jira API key to the Jira’s REST API. The returned data from Jira is then used in our calculations engine and displayed in the browser via serverless functions and the javascripts in your web browser.

The full-stack includes:

  1. Front-end: nodeJS, React, Material-UI, Zustand, chartJS
  2. Back-end: Express, Mongo DB
  3. Integrations: Jira