Creating a custom emergency online solution in under 24 hours.


Shiftsearch, a product under the Miami Exchange portfolio, turned to us for assistance after their site went down. They needed something executed fast so that customers would not become alarmed.


Turning a problem into an opportunity, we crafted the original art featuring their product getting charged up in an energized tablet, wrote positive messaging, switched DNS servers, and created a new mailing list and implemented an email capture so that users could be added to a list to get updates, and know that their favorite site was alive and thriving.
We were able to catch thousands of new sign ups within a few days, demonstrating the immediate effectiveness and utility of the new splash page.

From briefing to live in under 24 hours

ShiftSearch needed a fix fast. Kinetic Chain spun up a high quality solution from start to finish, and within a day from the original request, we designed, coded and implemented this slick yet simple splash page.

If you find yourself with a tech emergency, now you know who you can call.