Re-imagining Matter Compostable’s online presence through a modern UX, design, functionality and an understanding of our client’s emphasis on sustainability.


Matter Compostables needed to refresh their online presence, requesting a new modern design and functionality that reflected their breakthrough products and sustainable vision for the future.


We rethought the new website from the ground up, starting with unifying their branding colors, rethinking the storyflow, researching and rewriting new content that was more compelling, comprehensive and concise.
We also included Shopify integration and an AI chat bot trained in Matter’s specific product catalog and brand info.

AI Product Expert

For Matter, we crafted a state-of-the-art AI chatbot, meticulously trained to possess in-depth expertise of their product range. This intelligent assistant now fields queries from potential customers with unparalleled accuracy enhancing user experience and setting Matter distinctively apart from competitors in the market.

Custom AI visuals

Matter’s narrative of environmental sustainability demanded visuals beyond the ordinary offerings of traditional stock repositories. Tapping into their unique brand essence, we collaborated used our in-house A.I. art product Think Diffusion to create custom visuals that amplified the core messages, elevating their online persona and solidifying their brand identity, not to mention saving fees on stock image licensing.

Future Matters

We are setting the groundwork for a phase 2 new progressive web app built to complement this website with rewards program functionality, statistics, enhanced AI features, notifications and more. Now in development.